Completed Projects
To improve the operational reliability of the La Mesa Treatment Plant’s Power Distribution System (PDS) and reduce power interruptions within the facility, MWSI commissioned LEI to transition its overhead PDS into an underground system.

Unlike other transmission lines, the current line installed in La Mesa Road is not insulated making it more prone to external, unanticipated interruption. The majority of these power failures are caused by the presence of excessive vegetation in the area, lighting, and wild animals that directly hit the fuses and cabling system. Moreover, the current setup leads to difficulty in the restoration of blown fuses, replacement of rotten cross arms, and cleaning of pole insulations.

Maynilad Water Services Inc.
Target Completion Date:
Specific Scope:
  • Conversion of the existing Overhead Power Distribution Line to an Underground Power Distribution System
  • Construction of one additional substation and retrofitting of affected existing substations.