Completed Projects
As one of Maynilad’s trusted partners, LEI collaborated with them on the Construction of the Litex Pumping Station (PS) and In-line Booster, to increase water supply in the area.

Maynilad Water Services Inc.
Date of Completion:
December 2014
Specific Scope:
  • Construction of Pump Station (PS) and 2ML Glass Fused Bolted Reservoir
  • Supply and Installation of two (2) Pump and Motor with Capacity of 3 MLD
  • Supply and Installation of MCC and PLC for the Electrical System
  • Pipelaying of Ductile Iron (DI) Pipes and Fittings with pipe sizes of 250mmØ and 150mmØ for the suction and discharge of the PS and Line booster. Supply and Installation of Valves and other appurtenances are included.
  • Refurbishing of existing Line Booster Vault which includes the replacement of all In-Line Booster Pump with a new capacity of 7.5MLD.