Completed Projects
To provide additional water supply in the Rizal Area, MWCI commissioned LEI to explore groundwater sources in Rizal and neighboring areas.

Manila Water Company Inc.
Target Completion Date:
Specific Scope:
  • 3 Deep wells - Construction of Deepwells (DW) to produce a 12 MLD of Treated Water to be transferred to the Reservoir.
  • Pipelaying of 225mm HDPE Pipe - Transmission line from the 3 DW to the Reservoir.
  • Reservoir - Construction of 1.2ML Steel Bolted Tank that will be the holding area before the water can go to the Pumping Station (PS).
  • Pumping Station - Design and Construction of PS with a capacity of 65 MLD that will deliver the water to the CDS.
  • Pipelaying of 800 mm Steel Pipe - Transmission line from the PS to the existing 300 mm RPWSIP line in Brgy. Bagumbong, Jalajala.