Completed Projects
Expertly designed sewage systems are an essential aspect of urban infrastructures. In collaboration with Manila Water, LEI designed and constructed a sewage treatment plant and its facilities at Signal Village, Taguig City. This project significantly contributed to reducing the level of pollution caused by untreated wastewater going into the main waterways in the East Zone, and expanded sewer services across 24,000 residents from various locations in Western Bicutan, Taguig.

Manila Water Company Inc.
Date of Completion:
September 2011
Specific Scope:
  • The project includes the construction of 8MLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and Facilities, and the network sewer which consists of thirty (30) interceptor box and nine (9) creek crossing, pipelaying of various pipes with sizes ranging from 100mm to 350mm diameter with a total distance of 1.3 km for the gravity sewer lines and 0.3 km for the pumping mainline, construction of thirty-one (31) manholes, and construction of six (6) pumping stations and pumping mains.