Completed Projects
LEI designed an efficient wastewater conveyance system to manage the wastewater coming from its water-served customers in AFP/PNP Village to Taguig North STP (LKK) Taguig Area, consequently creating an alternative effluent line going to the Laguna de Bay.

Manila Water Company
Date of Completion:
March 2019
Specific Scope:
  • For the Sewer Network (AFP/PNP Village Area), the work mainly involves pipe-laying of around 4.086 km of 200 mm to 250 mm Ø sewers pipe, 2.435 km of 150 mm Ø sewer pipe force main, installation of lateral sewers, manholes and service connections.
  • For the Effluent Line (LKK STP to C6 Floodway, Taguig City), the work mainly involves pipe-laying of around 4.344 km of 800 mm Ø Forcemain Effluent Line which includes the use of trenchless method on some areas.