Completed Projects
To optimize wastewater distribution within Valenzuela, Maynilad commissioned LEI to create a combined Sewerage Interceptor System.
The proposed sewerage network will intercept wastewater flows from existing drainage outfalls and certain creeks of Valenzuela city, and conveyed to a proposed STP located at Brgy. Marulas in the southwest part of Valenzuela.  
The interceptor sewer is designed to cater to the equivalent dry-weather flows from the catchment. The project covers an area of approximately 1,371 hectares, with an approximate population of 340,000 residences.

Maynilad Water Services Inc. 
Target Completion Date:
Specific Scope:
  • Construction of thirty-two (32) interceptor box and two (2) creek interceptor systems
  • Pipelaying of various pipes with sizes ranging from 100 mm to 1100 mm diameter with a total distance of 4.3 km for the gravity sewer lines and 3.3 km for the pumping mainline
  • Construction of one hundred thirty (130) manholes, and
  • Construction of six (6) pumping stations and pumping mains